Monday 22 June 2020

Rangiora this day. Monday 22-06-2020

A trial pie run today found a couple of victims.
 Above we have the as yet unregistered Arnold Gallagher Special ZK-CZE.
Arnold began this project about ten years ago based around a Cessna 150 fuselage imported from the USA. The wings, also are ex Cessna but modified to constant chord and the engine as you can see is a Rotec radial.
Sadly Arnold died on May the 9th with a memorial service being held at Rangiora on Saturday last.
Alas the project is incomplete but it is intended that the project will be completed by others.
 Snorting in from the north was the Hughes 369D ZK-HUW (c/n 1280415D).
A low angle shot of the Wittman W8 Tailwind ZK-RET (c/n AACA/386) shows the wing shape nicely.
Built by Ray Thurston of Blenheim it first flew on 20-12-1980.
It has been listed with service Brands Ltd of Kaiapoi since September of 2018.
Departing earth is the locally based Rainbow Skyreach BushCat ZK-ZOZ (c/n CH148B).

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