Monday 8 June 2020

More from the Foxpine AOPA Flyin

Tim Gorman was also at the AOPA flyin at Foxpine Aerodrome yesterday 7 June.  Here are some of his action photos:

Gipsy Moth ZK-ADT side slips in

Tiger Moth ZK-BMY on approach

and on departure

 with a flyover together

 Stinson 108-2 Voyager ZK-VGR on short finals

 S.p.A. Sky Arrow ZK-EBR2 about to touch down

Maxair Drifter ZK-XPA drifts in

 Cessna A 185F ZK-CES2 on roll out.

 Trans Tasman Vans RV 6 ZK-VRV on short finals

And Glastar Sportsman ZK-SPO heads home to Feilding.

Thanks for the nice photos Tim.

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