Wednesday 17 June 2020

More from the Wanaka Museum

The National Transport and Toy Museum adjacent to the Wanaka Airport has a varied collection of aircraft.
A lot of these are undercover in the large 'hangars' but are crammed in among other exhibition items making photography difficult.
Enough moaning.
Here are a few shots from CMM.
Last year the Museum picked up twelve ten items from the Australian Aviation Museum at Bankstown in Australia.
Here are three of those additions.
Mig-15 UTI Red '777' is c/n 712277. I noted it at Bankstown back in February of 1979.
Piaggio P166 is I believe ex VH-GOB c/n 400.
It spent some time in NZ with Capital Air Service at Wellington in 1972 filling in whilst their 'Pig" ZK-DAI was down for maintenance.
Its Australian registration was cancelled in July of 1981.
Above we have the Sikorsky S-55 previously VH-ORA c/n 55-102.
This was built for the US Marines in 1952 and serialled Bu129020 and later went onto the US register as N8307 in August 1973.
It became VH-ORA on 28-06-1985 and later ended up at the RAN FAA Museum at Nowa before going to the Australian Aviation Museum at Bankstown.
The Aero Commander 500 ZK-CWP (c/n 500-842-90). A vintage of 1960 which served NZ aviation very well until being withdrawn from use and its registration canceled on 03-07-2002.
It was then used by the Air New Zealand Engineering Training Services at Christchurch International Airport. ANZETS moved to a new smaller facility and the Aero Commander ended down at the Museum at Wanaka.
The de Havilland DH104 Devon/Dove ZK-RNG is c/n 04323 and was built for the RNZAF as a Navigational Trainer and became NZ1807. It ferried into Wigram from the UK on 05-03-1953.
It was placed in storage at Woodbourne on 20-05-1980 until being sold on 06-11-1984.
It joined the NZ civil aircraft register as ZK-RNG on 09-11-1984 and after a series of owners was acquired by Gerald Rhodes on 13-04-1999.
Something a bit different is this pseudo de Havilland DH82 Tiger Moth ZK-TTM.
It is a collection of some genuine Tiger Moth parts plus what looks like a built up fuselage.


  1. According to this Otago Daily Times link - the museum had acquired 10 aircraft from Bankstown, NSW.
    Does anyone have the serials, regos, types c/ns etc of the aircraft involved?

    1. Morning Peter. Yes you are correct. Ten items imported. I don't have a complete list. But the three above plus the Feast Circle Plane VH-RJI (c/n R090). DH Vampire wings - I believe ex either A79-175 (c/n 4059) or A79-733 (c/n 4079).A folding wing Luton (Major VH-EVI ? c/n N18) and an Airborne Edge Trike. That's all I know.