Friday 19 June 2020

Dedalius Model 1 Aircraft (Only One) of New Zealand

The last new type of sport aircraft to be registered in New Zealand in 2017 was the unique Dedalius Model 1:

Allan Fillery of Wellsford has built a unique aircraft with his Dedalius Model 1, not only a unique airframe but amazingly it is powered by a radial engine that Allan designed and built himself.  The engine is a 4 litre 7 cylinder radial with side valves to cut down the frontal area.  I understand from Allan that it produces 130 HP.

There is a You Tube video of Allan running the engine on a test rig HERE

The airframe of the Dedalius Model 1 is based on a Zenith CH 701 with rounded corners on the fuselage.  I don't have the specifications for it but the MAUW is 599 Kg (1,320 pounds)

I caught up with Allan and his Dedalius at Kerikeri on 20/11/18.  In this shot you can see the nice job of the engine installation.

Then Allan taxied his plane out of the hangar for some more shots.  The engine sounded really good.

ZK-SVR (c/n 109-731-788) was registered to Allan Fillery of Wellsford on 27/10/17.

A great achievement!


  1. Is it possible to contact him?

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