Wednesday 3 June 2020

Comper Swift ZK-ACG Addendum

In my previous post on Comper Swift ZK-ACG I asked if anyone could supply a photo of it in its early days in New Zealand - before it was re-engined with the Salmson AD 9 radial.

Well we have come up trumps as Murray Kirkus has supplied a photo:

ZK-ACG looks quite a bit different in this photo with a very streamlined cowling around what I assume is the 40 HP 2 cylinder ABC Scorpion engine.  This was the engine that was fitted to the early Swifts.  And the tail is the shape of the prototype Swift and different from the later models such as ZK/VH-UVC.

Murray says that he copied the photo from a magazine article on the Comper Aircraft Company's aircraft.  Thanks for the photo Murray.

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  1. Hello I would like to send you an email to seek permission to use one of your photos. but the email address on the banner doesn't work. Is there an email address I can use?