Thursday 4 June 2020

Moyes Dragonfly ZK-DGF

Another good catch by the mobile CMM was this Moyes Dragonfly C ZK-DGF (c/n C85) as listed with Skytrek Tandem Ltd of Queenstown since April of 2019.
 Originally designed as a hang glider tug this one first served in Australia using the 24-4241 registration before coming to NZ as ZK-DGF2 for Antigravity Hang Gliding at Queenstown from 17-05-2005, with a change to Phoenix Flight Ltd of QN from 27-09-2005.
In August 2006 it moved to Motueka for Blue Sky Microlight Ltd who traded as 'Tandem Sky Adventures".
It used to be green so I guess it has been re-bagged with red skins.
CMM found it in the hangar on (what I call) the Sugarloaf Strip not far from Cromwell.

Below is an old shot of DGF about to tow aloft a dual hang glider.
Some earlier pics of ZK-DGF at Motueka can be seen 

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