Monday 22 June 2020

Helicopters & Others at Taupo

A visit to Taupo today revealed a lot of helicopter activity on the airfield including R44 ZK-HAZ2 which interestingly changed ownership today to Bay Heliwork of Hastings.   This was imported in 2011 from Australia.

Another all white R44 is ZK-ICP which belongs to a local Taupo private owner.   This was imported from Australia in 2012.

Registered to Velocity2 Aviation of Taupo is Guimbal Cabri 2 ZK-IIJ2 which arrived from Germany in 2015.

And yet another R44 is ZK-ITB which hasnt featured on this blog before.  This was imported from Australia in 2014 for Central Tree Harvesters of Taupo

Also not blogged before is the very sleek Robin R3000/160 ZK-TZV which is registered to a Taupo private owner, and arrived from Sweden back in 2005.

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