Monday 15 June 2020

Some Different Visitors at NZHA on Sunday 14-6-2020

The Hawera Aero Club held a quickly arranged BBQ lunch flyin on Sunday.  60 aircraft including  seven autogyros attended from as far North as Auckland, as far East as Hastings and as far South as Paraparaumu.  Jordan Elvy and Simon Hills were there and Jordan has provided the following photos of what I thought were some of the most interesting attendees.

The VPM M 16 Tandem Trainer autogyro ZK-VPM flew all the way from Paeroa.  I guess some of the autogyros flew in together as there were also gyros there from Te Aroha, Tauranga, and Matamata, as well as one each from New Plymouth, Palmerston North and Upper Hutt.

Our only Scottish Aviation Bulldog (Series 121) ZK-WUF is now owned at Whanganui (with an h according to CAA).

And the Erco Ercoupe 415D ZK-AQX flew in from Stratford where it has been hangared for several years.  It might soon be heading down to Hokitika with its owner.


  1. Simon and I caught all the gyros at Wanganui on the way up, only difference was ZK-RDH wasn't there, but DTA J-Ro ZK-RAC was. Quite the sight to see them all lined up!

  2. Would love to see some more shots from that fly in!
    I was there too.

  3. I'll have to keep an eye out for WUF, that's really cool info to learn!

  4. Hi Anonymous If you are on Facebook have a look at Jordan Elvy's Facebook page for lots more photos from Hawera.

  5. If you join NZ group on Facebook, I posted a picture of almost all 65 aircraft on there.