Monday 29 June 2020

A Couple of ex-Oz Vans at Ardmore - 25-6-2020

In addition to the warbirds that I have posted from Ardmore last week, there were a couple of "new" Vans aircraft that were shipped to New Zealand from Australia recently:

RV 6 ZK-SJC (c/n 24846) was registered to Steve J Chilcott of Auckland on 9/6/20.  Steve was working on re-assembling his new aircraft when I visited (you can just see him in the cockpit).  Steve has also built Jodel D 18 ZK-SCJ and Menestrel ZK-TBS, and also has a Tipsy Nipper project underway.

The RV 6 was built in Australia as VH-COB.

And the other "new" Vans aircraft was a RV 7 ex VH-BZV that will become ZK-RVS3 in due course.

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