Monday 15 June 2020

Southern visitors at NZRT on Sunday.

Some visitors from down South popped into Rangiora on Sunday after a night at Motueka.
ZK-DDE2 (c/n 1479) is the Tecnam Eaglet U/L as listed with Bill Hopcroft of Balfour since April 2014.
We got two Aerospool Dynamic WT9's.
Above is ZK-DYR (c/n DY314/2009). 
This was originally ZK-FUZ2 from new in October of 2009 with a change to ZK-DYK from 09-08-2016.
It was sold to the Brunold Family Trust of Winton on 07-03-2019 and was re-registered to ZK-DYR on 07-05-2019.

Below we have ZK-ZOW (c/n DY038/2003) which began its NZ career as ZK-DYN2 on 21-01-2004 until becoming ZK-ZOW on 07-05-2010. 
It has been with the M J and K G Blomfield Family Trust of Otautau since 23-12-2014.

ZK-RTM (c/n 0169) is the Tecnam P2002 Sierra of Lloyd Bonnar of Gore.
The RTM registration letters come from the initials of the original owners Roy T Marsden of Taupo.
Something a little different was the Impulse 100TD ZK-MPL (c/n NZ100UTK8J) of John Stewart of Wyndham.

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