Saturday 13 June 2020

More Tecnam P 2008s on Delivery Through Paraparaumu Today -- 13-6-2020

Two more new Tecnam P 2008JC aircraft transitted through Paraparaumu this afternoon, on delivery to the New Zealand Airline Academy Ltd of Oamaru.  And Jordan Elvy was again on hand to photograph them.

ZK-TOT2 (c/n 1184) was registered to the New Zealand Airline Academy on 4/6/20,

and sister ship ZK-TPT (c/n 1185) was also registered on 4/6/20.

Coincidently the previous two NZAA Tecnam P 2008JC aircraft ZK-TJT and ZK-TKT transitted through Paraparaumu exactly 3 months ago, on 13/3/20.

The New Zealand Airline Academy now has six Tecnam P 2008JCs in their fleet:  ZK-MBN3,  TJT, TKT, TLT, TOT2 and TPT as well as the earlier Tecnam P2008s ZK-DDY2 and ZK-LBI.  I sure hope they can utilise them productively.

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