Sunday 22 March 2015

ZK-HTL at Rangiora

 Hughes 369HS ZK-HTL4  (c/n 1240686S) was sighted at the fuel pumps at Rangiora yesterday afternoon.
Below is what NZ Aviationn News Magazine said about it at the time of its ZK registration on 07-01-2003.
"The Hughes 369HS is a December 1974 production machine – The construction number tells us that; and its previous identity was N600BC. It has recently operated from the Tuna fishing boat Captain M J Souza, and flew into Nelson on 04-12-2002. It became ZK-HTL4 with Talleys Fisheries on January the 7th
It passed through Ardmore on 15/16-01-03, still on floats, on its way to Whangarei to rejoin a Tuna boat. 
Ownership has since moved to the Amaltal Fishing Co Ltd"

Ownership went to the Talleys Group Ltd on 15-12-2011.
The photo below shows N600BC at Nelson - as captured by Peter Campbell on 13-03-2002.
Another pic of ZK-HTL can be found at the following link.

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