Monday 30 March 2015


Rural Aviation Ltd at New Plymouth registered half a dozen Cessna 180's on 11-08-1953.
One of these was ZK-BDF (c/n 30179).
ZK-BDF gained its CofA on 01-11-1953.
Its NZ registration was cancelled on 31-10-1957.
It went to Hazair Agricultural Services at Orange in NSW as VH-AFK5 on 22-11-1957.
It was crashed at Timor in NSW on 27-03-1958.
This was the earliest production 180 in the country until the arrival of ZK-WGT (c/n 30012) on the register on 05-01-2007.

The classic top photo of ZK-BDF comes from the CMM collection.

Lower photo is by Jim Dyson and comes from the Ed Coates collection.

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  1. Thanks Blue Bus our first operational C180 .
    Great photo.s