Monday 2 March 2015

Haast Eagle ZK-SJG

Wearing the initials of its owners - S and J Galway - this Piper PA22-150-TriPacer came on the register as ZK-SJG2 (c/n 22-3292) on 10-12-2014.
As you can see it is no ordinary TriPacer but a tail wheel conversion and with a Lycoming O-360 up front and somewhat larger main wheels.
It also carried the "Haast Eagle" script and emblem on its tail.
Pics taken in the Soundsair hangar at Omaka on 11-02-2015 where it was awaiting its CAA inspection.
A product of 1955 it has had at least ten owners in the States before it came out to NZ.

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