Saturday 14 March 2015

Alpi fly-in today at Fernside Fields

Logan McLean gave a short notice impromptu gathering of Alpi's at his property today at Fernside Fields - west of Rangiora.
 Even with the weather the way it was - eleven Alpi and three others attended. 
A couple were weather bound at Omaka and never made it for the mid day spread.
It was a good occasion to welcome a couple of Australian visitors and also to show off the new Alpi Pioneer 300 Fixed Gear ZK-LPK (c/n 5014). 
This was listed to ALPI Aviation NZ Ltd on 23-02-2015.
As you can see it has a Rotax 912iS in the engine room.
 And the office has enough gear to get you there - plus room for more toys if required.
Visitors include the Alpi Pioneer 300 ZK-CJZ2 (c/n 224) up from Taieri.
This previously operated as ZK-CJN2 between 2008 and 2012.
 Alpi Pioneer 200 ZK-LPB (c/n NZ20013) is the Graham Smith aircraft from Timaru.
And this was once ZK-LPS between 2005 and 2008.
 The Alpi Pioneer 200 ZK-MGK (c/n 128) came together from a partially built kit imported from the US. It is Graeme Mains mount.
Check out the following link for some more on MGK.
 Pioneer 300 ZK-MWL (c/n 211) "Free Spirit" is Mike Leefe's from Ashburton. 
This aircraft now has over 1600 flying hours.
 The Alpi Pioneer 200 ZK-PKT2 (c/n SN 97) was originally with the Thompson Family Trust of Ruawai from 31-03-2006. It then went to the Avex Holdings Trust c/- Rex and Colleen Swensson of Kaukapakapa from mid-November of 2007 and then to Alpi Aviation NZ Ltd from 20-11-2009. 
From 15-03-2011 it was listed to Colin Chalmers and Jonathan Elliott of Mosgiel (who now have the 300 ZK-CJZ above). 
Steve Amstad of Christchurch was next in the line from 20-07-2013. 
It is currently listed with Global Campers Business Trust of Rolleston and carries the "Furious Feather" and "The Wollenwebers" titles.
  ZK-PYS (c/n NZ20011) is the local David Leefe Alpi Pioneer 200.
 Then we have the Ross Marfell Alpi Pioneer 300 ZK-RFT (c/n 142) with its "Reach For The Stars" script near to the registration letters.
 ZK-RJV is c/n 296 and was with the Scarlett's of Karamea from 11-01-2011. It was recently purchased by Geoff Rogers of Dunedin.
 Pioneer 300 ZK-SHG (c/n 122) was initially ZK-SHL4 with Alpi Aviation NZ Ltd until purchased by  Graham Gimblett in November 2006 and then re-registered as SHG.
 Trevor Barrett had the Pioneer 300 ZK-TNB (c/n 74) down from Hamilton.

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