Saturday 28 March 2015

Just being nosey

Below is a grotty pic I took at Wanaka back on 14-04-2006.
It shows the modified nose section of what is labelled as ZK-NSY.
Fairchild Swearingen SA227-AC Metro III ZK-NSY was c/n AC711.
It joined Air Nelson on 04-04-1990 and was withdrawn from use on 25-10-2002.
Ownership passed to New Zealand Aircraft Specialists Ltd of Upper Moutere on 15-07-2003

 Below are two photos from Cessna185 showing what is ZK-NSZ (c/n AC712).
 It joined Air Nelson on 14-05-1990 and was withdrawn on 10-11-2002 and also went to N Z Aircraft Specialists.
 It was spotted in a commercial area of Nelson recently.

Both these aircraft followed the same career paths - worthy of a future blog perhaps.

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