Monday 23 March 2015

Jabirus on New Zealand (6) - J400 and J430 Models

The J400 and J430 model Jabirus are four seater versions of the J200 and J230 models.  They have the same dimensions and 6 cylinder 3300 cc engine but have an increased MAUW of 700 Kg (1,543 pounds).

We have had one J400 and one J430 in New Zealand to date.

J400 model ZK-ZMA (c/n 114) was built in Australia and first registered as VH-ZMX on 20/10/03.  After several owners it was sold to Alan P Warren of Roseberry, NT.  Its VH registration was cancelled on 27/4/12 and it was registered ZK-ZMA to Alan P Warren of Waimate.  However, it was not registered for very long here as its New Zealand registration was cancelled on 28/1/14, and it has returned to Australia with Alan P Warren as VH-ZMY, being re-registered there on 4/3/14,  The above photo was taken at Rangiora on 16/1/13.

And J430 model ZK-NKH (c/n 253) was built at the Jabiru factory by Nicholas George Herrold who travelled to Australia to build the aircraft.  It was registered VH-NKH on 19/8/05 and did its test flying in Australia and was cancelled from the Austarlian register on 3/11/05.  It appeared on the New Zealand register on 21/11/05 and is still current with Nick Herrold.  It is photo'd above at Ardmore on 31/12/09.

That's it for Jabirus in New Zealand, a total of 28 aircraft to date.  I reckon we will see a few more of them in the future, particularly imported aircraft.

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