Thursday 12 March 2015

More from Garden City

Garden City Helicopter Base.
BK 117Ville
Three of the Garden City Helicopters Ltd's BK 117s were on site today
Nearest is the MBB built BK117 A4 ZK-IVB (c/n 7061)
To the right is the MBB BK117 B-2 ZK-HGU5 (c/n 7229)
In the background is the Kawasaki BK117-B2 ZK-HJC3 (c/n 1061).
Picking its way between all the other heavier metal was the Robinson R22 Beta ZK-IHC (c/n 4317) which has been with Garden City Helicopters Ltd since 2009.
And clearing away was the Eurocopter EC 120B Colibri ZK-IQT (c/n 1370) a 2004 model that went on line with Garden City in June of 2007.

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