Sunday 22 March 2015

The new ZK-BKD and PAL

Magnaman has sent in a couple of pics from Ardmore taken today.
 Above is our latest Piper PA-18-180 Super Cub ZK-BKD2 (c/n 18-8470). It was listed to the BKD Syndicate on the 12th of March. Above it has its full ZK registration on the fuselage side and it Australian letters VH-PPH still under its left wing.
Below is a pic nicked from Keith Morris showing it as VH-PPH as seen at Ardmore on 18-02-2015.

 These two lower shots from Magnaman show the Piper PA-22/20-180 ZK-PAL3 (c/n 22-2298) as listed to Tail Dragger Classics Ltd. 


  1. Was at Ardmore myself yesterday.
    BKD is an aeroplane much in the process of change.
    As noted in the posted photos - NZ registration on starboard fuselage and Australian registration under the wings.My shot is from the port side where the Australian registration has been almost removed (very faint outline can still be made out) NZ registration yet to be applied.

  2. I have a 1963 photo of ZK-BKD. Shows a DC3 in "Mount Cook & Southern Lakes Travel Co" livery...