Thursday 12 March 2015

King Airs at Christchurch.

I picked up three Beech King Airs at Christchurch International today.
The Nelson based Beech C90A King Air ZK-FDN2 (c/n LJ-1606) was parked at the terminal building.
And its Christchurch based Company companion Beech 200C Super King Air ZK-FDR (c/n BL-31) was receiving some maintenance outside its hangar.
Both have been covered before at :-
Also at the Flying Doctor hangar was the Beech B200C Super King Air ZK-PLK (c/n BL-64) from Skyline Aviation Ltd of Napier.
Below is what the NZ Aviation News Magazine said about it at the time of its registration in NZ in April 2008.
The twin engined turbo prop, Beechcraft B200C Super King Air ZK-PLK is now on line with Skyline Aviation at Hastings. This is a product of late 1982 and first flew as N6912F before becoming N124JS and then to N1240S in January of 2001 with R Simplot of Boise Idaho and traded as Southeast Aircharter Inc and then Windsong Aviation. Its last US operator was ERS Helicopters out of Lake Charles, Louisiana from October 2006 for whom it was registered as N188TC. It ferried out of Lake Charles to Albuquerque on 14th March and on to North Las Vegas the next day for the fitting of long range tanks. It was re-registered to Flight Contracts Services Inc on the 17th for its delivery to NZ. On the 23rd March it moved to Santa Maria for the hop across to Honolulu on the 24th and to Pago Pago on the 27th. The ferry pilot being our own well known Rob Leach. It arrived at Bridge Pa via Auckland on the 28th. It then moved over to Hamilton for removal of long range tank, refit foe EMS work and NZ certification and returned to Hastings on 28th May. There were about 95 B200C models built, differing from other models by having a large freight door on the port side. The registration letters of “PLK” reflect the initials of Peter Kidd, a long time CFI at the HE & EC Aero Club. 

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