Monday 16 March 2015

Jabirus of New Zealand (4) - J160 Models

The J160 Jabiru is the next model Jabiru up from the J120. Although it looks similar to the J120 it is a different aircraft.  For example the fin is larger and the rudder is aerodynamically balanced, the cabin is wider, the wingspan is longer while the empty weight and MAUW are both higher.  The J160 is also taller than the J120,being 2.30 metres to the top of the fin compared to the J120's 2.02 metres.  Fuel is contained in a wet wing which gives much greater range but the same 2200 cc Jabiru engine is fitted.

The J160 has a length of 5.775 metres , a wingspan of 8.12 metres and a wing area of 86.5 square feet.  It has a cabin width of 1140 mm and is powered by the Jabiru 2200 cc engine of 80 HP, which gives a cruise speed of 100 knots.  Empty weight is around 320 Kg (704 pounds) and MAUW is 540 Kg (1188 pounds).  The fuel capacity with the wet wing is 135 litres giving a range of 850 nautical miles.

We have had six J160s in New Zealand to date.

ZK-SLH (c/n 005) was built by John Lester (who was the New Zealand Jabiru agent at the time), and was first registered to Foxpine Airpark Ltd on 4/5/05 with whom it is still current.  The above photo was taken at the 2006 SAANZ flyin at Tauranga.

ZK-CLX2 (c/n J160-022) was built by Max Saunders of Wellington.  It was first registered to him on 20/7/05 and he still owns it some 630 hours later.  This aircraft is registered under the Amatuer Built Aircraft category whereas most other Jabirus are Class 2 Microlights.  It is photo'd alongside ZK-SLH at the 2006 SAANZ flyin at Tauranga.

ZK-JRW (c/n 0102) was built by John Lester from a kit for the Ashburton Aviation Pioneers of Kaiapoi, and was first registered on 7/12/06.  It is still owned by them, and in fact all of our J160s are still owned by their original owners.  The above photo was taken at Ashburton on 5/6/10.

ZK-CCG3 (c/n 156) was built by Craig A Grant of Ashurst and was first registered to him on 2/2/09.  It is photo'd above at the 2010 SAANZ flyin at Tauranga.

ZK-BGY2 (c/n 127) was originally 24-4925 on the Australian Microlight Register.  It was imported into New Zealand by Ian F Boag of Palmerston North and was first registered to him here on 20/11/09.  It is photo'd above at the 2010 RAANZ flyin at Stratford where it still wears the logo of the Adelaide Soaring Club.
It has been re-engined with a Rotax 912 and has received a new paint job, as photo'd at the 2014 Black Sands flyin at Raglan.

ZK-WJB (c/n J160-313) was built by Bill Bennett at Wanganui and was first registered to the Kamahi Trust of Wanganui on 8/6/11.  Thanks to Bill Bennett for the photo, which was taken at Wanganui in February 2015.

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