Sunday 15 March 2015

Jabirus of New Zealand (3) - J120 Models

The Jabiru J120 model was a development of the earlier UL model, and it is still the entry level Jabiru available as a factory built aircraft only.  I am not sure if our three J120 models are factory built or built from kitsets.

The J120 has a length of 5.77 metres , a wingspan of 8.03 metres and a wing area of 85 square feet.  It has a cabin width of 1,067 mm and is powered by the Jabiru 2200 cc engine of 80 HP, which gives a cruise speed of 100 knots.  Empty weight is around 285 Kg (627 pounds) and MAUW is 500 Kg (1102 pounds).  The fuel capacity is 65 litres giving a range of 380 nautical miles.

ZK-KIA (c/n 016) was built by Rob Lester at Foxpine (so I guess it was a kit), and was registered to  Michael J Nicholson of Winton on 24/11/08. The above photo was taken at the 2009 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton.  It is still current and owned by Mike Nicholson.

ZK-MLA (c/n 021) wasbuilt by Michael Hall of Te Horo and was first registered to him on 26/2/09.  It is still registered to him but at a Paraparaumu address.  The above photo was taken at Dannevirke

And our final J120 to date is ZK-EFG3 (c/n 001).  With that c/n it must be the first J120 so I assume it would be a factory built aircraft.  It is ex 24-5314 on the Australian microlight register and was flown across the Tasman in company with the J230 model ZK-EFO, (from Lismore to Lord Howe Island to Norfolk Island on 12/11/09, and then from Norfolk to Kerikeri and on to Tauranga on 13/11/09), for delivery to .Euroflight Intermational Ltd of Tauranga.  It is photo'd above at the 2010 SAANZ flyin at Tauranga.

And here it it photo'd on 9/1/11 at Tauranga with Eurosport Flight Training titles.  Euro Flight International ceased operations at Tauranga in January 2011 so I am not sure where Eurosport fits in.

Finally it was sold to Hamilton Computer Services of Christchurch on 23/1/11.  It is photo'd above at the 2015 SAANZ flyin at Ashburton, still with Eurosport Flight Training titles.


  1. Sir Minty...the second shot of ZK-EFG shows the aircraft now with 'Eurosport FLight Training' titles...not Euroflight!

  2. Anonymous - you are correct. I have altered the post and added a photo of ZK-EFG taken at Tauranga on 9/1/11 just before it was sold to its new owners at Christchurch. Do you know who Eurosport Filight Training is/was?

  3. You forget ZK-JRW,ordered as a factory built,delivered as J.Lester built( from kitset),with Ashburton Aviation Pioneers Inc

  4. Anonymous - great to see that you are on the case, but ZK-JRW is a J160 model that I will post in the next instalment of Jabirus of New Zealand.

  5. Eurosport was Euroflight based out of TGA airport.