Thursday 7 January 2010

Selection from Omarama on 02-01-2010

I managed a brief stop over at Omarama on January the 2nd.
Parked close to the cafe was the Vans RV4 ZK-RVV (c/n 1035) of the Tauranga Aeroplane Company. This was an import from the USA where it had been N938BC.
Not a brilliant shot: but this is the latest Schempp-Hirth Duo Discus XL ZK-GQQ (c/n 593) for Gavin Wills at Glider Rentals.

Three of a kind !
Well almost. Closest is Piper PA-25-235D Pawnee ZK-PPA (c/n 25-7656063) of Southern Soaring Omarama Ltd.
Then we have the Gippsland GA200 ZK-OMA2 (c/n 2009413) of Glider Rentals. This has previously operated as ZK-CMC2 and ZK-PGH3.
Most distant is the Canterbury Gliding Clubs Piper PA-25-235 ZK-CNG (c/n 25-3624). This has reverted back to a two bladed csu prop from its four bladed fixed pitch unit.

Don Howards Zenith CH-200 ZK-NEN (c/n AACA/100/2) in its new(ish) overall white scheme to celebrate is 30th year.
And I had to hang around until I heard the big Grumman G164A AgCat ZK-CAT2 (c/n 1418) purr out on a joy ride. Listed with Air Adventures it is flown here by Chris Rudge.

On departure I checked out the Wardells Strip around the corner towards Tara Hills. It looks like this strip is history for the gliders these days. At least two centre pivot irrigation systems and the odd fence have sprung up this season.

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