Monday 11 January 2010

More on the Saga of CUB's

It struck me as rather ironic that as detailed in Blue Bus's post the rebuilt original Piper Cherokee was registered ZK-CUB. At least it had a Piper connotation!

Here is the second ZK-CUB which also is not a Piper Cub. It is a Light Miniature Aircraft LM-1U single seat Cub replica which I photographed at Te Kowhai in March 2005. This aircraft was originally registered as ZK-FRZ on 3/11/88 to NJ Dennison of Queenstown, and the registration was changed to ZK-CUB on 12/9/95. It has been well travelled with owners in Turangi, Wanaka, Masterton, Gisborne, Tauranga and Hamilton. I last saw it in a hangar at Te Kowhai in November 2009 looking decidedly out of square and worse for wear.

Then there is poor old ZK-CVB as I posted earlier in January, which probably really wanted to be ZK-CUB but is also not a Piper Cub although it looks just like a Piper Cub!


  1. At the angle the picture was taken it almost looks like a Aeronca Champ.

    Heres the plane I'm refering to

  2. Thanks for the comment Hook.

    As I understand things the Light Miniature Aircraft LM-1 model is of a J3 Cub and the LM-3 model is of an Aeronca. I will do a post on LM-3's in New Zealand.

  3. I was the owner mentioned as "Masterton", and flew her out of Hood aerodrome during the late 1990s'. She was indeed a Miniature Aircraft LM-1, out of the USA. A sweet flying, single-seater, with over 7 hours of available fuel, I spent many a day around Wairarapa and as far as the southern tip of the North island, Levin, Wanganui and environs.