Tuesday 12 January 2010

Continuing the Light Miniature Aircraft Theme

Following my previous post on the Light Miniature Aircraft LM -1 ZK-CUB and Hooks comment that it looked like an Aeronca, I checked their website and confirmed that their LM - 1 model is of a J 3 Cub, and their LM - 3 model is of an Aeronca Champ.

The above photo is of LM - 3 ZK-FTG taken at the SAANZ Fly in at Ashburton in February 2009. It is owned by R J Lister of Timaru and was first registered on 4/5/89. There is one other LM - 3 in New Zealand: ZK-EHU from Christchurch, and there are 3 other LM - 1 models ZK-FWB, ZK-LWP and ZK-RMF.

Can anyone post photos of the other New Zealand LM - 1's or LM - 3? And have there been any others that have been written off?

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  1. One other LM-1:
    ZK-FSZ registered to a Timaru owner 17Mar1989, moved to Christchurch 13Sep1991, cancelled as WFU 5Jan1995.