Tuesday 5 January 2010

Question time # 83 resolved.

It is the Bushby MM-1-100 ZK-DDC (c/n AACA/107/1) as ZK-CKE mentioned in the original posting. It first appeared on the register to Jack Reeves of Hamilton on 24-07-1975 & powered with a RR O-200A. Ivan Krippner of Te Awamutu became the owner from 06-08-1991. Photo above was taken at Wanaka on 16-12-2009 still listed to Ivan but also Classic Flights of Wanaka.
How many other MM's have there been in NZ ?
ZK-CCG2 a MM2-11 with c/n AACA/465. Tried to become ZK-JCM: the initials of the builders J & C MacDonald. This was cancelled on 20-08-1993 as not completed. John was part owner of the original ZK-CCG (NA P51D Mustang).

ZK-CWO MM-1-85, c/n AACA11/1 of H C Blair. which crashed at Paraparaumu on one of its very early flights on 09-12-1972.

ZK-DDC mentioned above.

ZK-DFN MM-1, c/n AACA/111/1 built up by P & J Keen of Te Kowhai, which was cancelled on 18-12-1992 to become VH-DFN with P Keen.

ZK-EDP MM-1-130, c/n AACA/144/1, by Glen Speden of Oamaru. Cancelled 29-05-2001 to become VH-MXB.

ZK-JCM not taken up became ZK-CCG2.

ZK-JFH an MM11, allocated to c/n AACA/1032 for John Healey of Darfield, but not taken up.

ZK-MFE an M-1, c/n 2036 with Mark Elworthy at Timaru.

ZK-MMC MM-1, c/n 946/AACA/474 was a long time project at Gore. Damaged at Dipton West on 22-08-1999.

ZK-ZLB M-1, c/n 957 imported from US by Paul Kelly of Dunedin in 2007.

There are also the Mustang 11's ZK-CAR, c/n 1713 of John Crawford at Christchurch and ZK-WOW with c/n AACA/610 of G B Yates which was not completed and cancelled on 16-03-1994. I suspect this now VH-BEY.

I think thats about it.


  1. Blue Bus - Has ZK-CCG (2) been completed?

  2. No.

    With a bit more delving I see that ZK-CCG/2 was cancelled on 20-08-1993 as not completed. (I have amended the blog above to now show this).

  3. Hey Guys, I am still the owner Of DDC, I work at CLASSIC FLIGHTS in Wanaka, ZK DDC won Sportsman at the aerobatic nationals at Waipuk. in 2010.