Saturday 9 January 2010

Ardmore 9 January 2010, and a Question

Ardmore today was pretty quiet. One sport aircraft arrived from Whitianga - Remos G3NZ ZK-PRH flown by its owner who blogs under the title of Group Captain on the Wings Over Cambridge blogsite. Philip told me that he checks the NZCivair blog daily. It is nice to know people are reading our blog!

The Remos is a Light Sport Aircraft manufactured by the Remos Aircraft Company GmbH at Pasewalk in Germany and is has very good performance. There is one other Remos G3 in New Zealand, ZK-REM owned by the agents Sport Aviation Imports Ltd of Hamilton.
Harvard ZK-WAR was parked outside the Warbirds hangar, pristine in its new colour scheme.

And finally, a question: What is this motor and what is it installed in? (Philip - you are excluded!).


  1. Replica spitfire? And possibly a V8 engine?

  2. Rover/Oldsmobile V8 in Mk26 Spitfire (ZK-LEJ) ???

  3. Thanks for your answer Hook - its good to see you hooked into the blog!. It is a 75% replica Spitfire in a hangar at Ardmore and I understand that the motor is a 400hp Chevy V8.

    frankv - you might know more about it than me! I did not think it was a Mark 26 but it could be - can you advise further?

    I know there has been a Mk 26 Spitfire completed by Campbell Aero Classics for an owner in Wanganui, who will do the engine work.

    On a related topic, I was advised at Ardmore that the 2 seat Spitfire ZK-WDQ was not as badly damaged in its recent Ardmore undercarriage collapse as it was in its earlier Masterton accident, and that it will be operational again in 4 to 6 months.

  4. I know nuthink! It was all just guesswork...

    I recognised the aircraft as a scaled-down Spitfire, then Googled looking for examples. It resembled the Mk26, so I guessed that was what it was, and ZK-LEJ was the only one on the register. But, if the picture is recent, then that probably isn't it. As for the engine, I see 4 cylinders on this side, so guessed it was a V8. It could perhaps be a Jabiru flat-8. The Olds/Rover V8 has been popular for aircraft.

    I've been told the Wanganui Mk26 is for one of the Wanganui Aero Work Hardings.

  5. I think the Spitfire replica that is goign to Wanganui will be registered as ZK-SPT.

    I saw the information in the latest Aviation News ZK register review.

  6. ZK-LEJ is a Chevrolet LS2 V8 rated currently at 406hp, wet sump, with inline oil thermostat and under-wing 13 row oil cooler and has 10.6 liter coolant tank plus a brass and copper radiator designed to offset coll t he engine and how do I know cos I built the initial parts also runs a 3 blade 88" prop. 'Indy Mechanic'