Sunday 31 January 2010

Lake Buccaneer ZK-DQN update

The above photograph was provided by "rollnburn" and was taken at Darfield earlier today (Sunday 31-01-2010)
An earlier blog at showed the Aerofab Inc built Lake LA-4-200 Buccaneer ZK-DQN c/n 1045 during its rebuild at Whangarei and its recent arrival at Rangiora.
Today I also caught up with ZK-DQN at West Melton as it landed back from a mission to Darfield.
This new venture is a partnership between Chris Johnston and Paul Dalley with Paul being the Vanuatu based pilot and Chris managing the Company from NZ. Chris will also be the relief pilot as required.
The aircraft is due to head north on Tuesday towards Whangarei where it is due to receive its export C of A on February the 8th. This will be followed by a ferry flight to Vanuatu.


  1. Chris is going to be a busy camper then.

    Cheers Barry

  2. Just wondering where c/n 1045 is now. I owned her early 1990s VH XPS.