Monday 18 January 2010

Piper PA-28 Cherokee 50th Fly in Ashburton.

Over the period of January 14, 15 and 16th a fly in was held by the Ashburton Aviation Museum at the Ashburton Airfield to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the Piper PA-28 Cherokee on January the 14th 1960.
Below is a small selection of the thirty three PA-28's that were noted over the weekend.

ZK-BZB c/n 28-627 is a Cherokee 160 which joined our register on 25-07-1962 via Airwork for the Canterbury Aero Club. Ownership changed to J G Rutherford on 25-07-1967 with it being hired back to the Canterbury Club. After damage on 21-08-1972 it went to the NAC Sports & Social Club at Christchurch followed by several private owners. Its current owner Rex Brereton of Halcombe features from 18-11-2007. Above it is wearing a gold upper engine cowling to celebrate this Golden occasion.

ZK-CIJ c/n 28-20230 is a PA-28-140 Cherokee. Another Canterbury Club machine imported via Airwork. First registered on 18-11-1964. It was returned to Airwork in October of 1971 followed by a hire to the Wellington Aero Club.Between mid 1973 and late 1995 it lived in the Seddon/Blenheim area until being acquired by its current owner Raewyn Irvine of Timaru

ZK-CUA c/n 28-23318 is a PA-28-140 Cherokee now preserved in the Ashburton Aviation Museum. First registered with Airwork on 04-07-1967 for delivery to the Canterbury Aero Club.
An earlier blog featured this aircraft.

ZK-CUD c/n 28-23557 is another PA-28-140 Cherokee initially registered by Airwork on 17-10-1967 for the Northland Districts Aero Club. After a number of other owners it is now with Bruce Reeves of Te Awamutu and carries the name "Cuddles".

ZK-DUN c/n 28-7415503 is a PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior. Airwork listed this on 03-10-1974 for the Whakatane District Flying Club. Again it has had a batch of owners until obtained by the Dun-Air Partnership (Ross St George) of Palmerston North in October of 1987.

ZK-ENV c/n 28-7790284 is a PA-28-181 Cherokee Archer II . First listed on 06-10-1978 to the Eagle Flying Academy at Hamilton. Its current owner, the D E Mitchell Family Trust of Invercargill listed it from 11-06-1999.

ZK-JSS c/n 28R-7837203 is a PA-28R-201 Arrow III. As the c/n implies this is a product of 1978 and was initially used in the USA before ferrying out to NZ in October of 1990 for J S Spry of Wellington (hence the ZK-JSS registration) from 28-09-1990. After a period with Juliet Sierra Sierra Ltd of Johnsonville from mid 1994 until May of 1996 it went to Brian Swan of Dunedin.

ZK-KLA c/n 28-7790155 is an Archer with a more complex history. Built in 1977 it went to Australia as VH-BRY until being damaged. It was moved to NZ to the Aircraft Rebuild Syndicate for repair and assembly by Avtek at Timaru for listing as ZK-PIR on 21-02-1997. Its first NZ operator being the North Otago Aero Club. On 07-04-2008 it was listed to K J & L P Anderson of Mosgiel who re-registered it the same day, using their initials, as ZK-KLA.


  1. What is the story with ex ZK-CUA? Is in taxing condition or is on display permanently?

  2. Yo there Hook.

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  3. So it has been deregistered. Is it in taxying condition? I read it was.

  4. CUA i believe was donated to the museum on the condition it never flew again.
    It (and cij) operated with the Maralborough Aero Club for many years circa late 70s, owned by Bevan Cragg? who also bought DEA of the club when it was replaced by EBX.
    I recall he bought a cherokee 6 (cns?) and traded/sold them around the same time

  5. Hi there All-Aero.comAugust 1985.
    The Cherokee Six was ZK-DHG and Roy had it from about March of 1981 until .


  6. Way back in 1974 lived and worked in Christchurch. Using my Australian PPL, flew ZK-CUA solo on many white knuckle adventures through teeth rattling turbulence over the Southern Alps. Canterbury Aero Club was then just down from the main terminal building. Will always remember ZK-CUA and NZ "tiger country"

  7. Transitioning from the Victa Airtourer at Wellington Districts Aero Club, I had my first flight in Canterbury in ZK-CIJ with N.Gibson as my instructor on a very blustery Nor'Wester day,landing on R/W 29, on August 12th, 1970. On March 29th I had another session in CIJ, practising forced landings, this time as C. I remember this flight very clearly because I (illegally!) entered cloud base at 3,000 ft, just for the fun of it, and got severely disorientated! I managed to drop out of it without mishap, only to go back down to chasing the sheep out of the paddocks. Thanks for reviving the memories,and for sharing the picture of Charlie India Juliet. Andre Jongepier