Tuesday 26 January 2010

North Islanders (and a Little Sister)

Following the selection of South Islanders photographed at Queenstown by Wayne Grant and posted by Mike Condon, herewith a selection of North Islanders photographed at Mangere earlier tonight. There are a total of 20 Britten Norman Islanders currently registered in New Zealand.
ZK-SFK (c/n 236) was first registered in New Zealand on 7/10/03. It has been operated by Southflight Aviation then Wings Over Whales at Kaikoura but is now owned by Commercial Helicopters Ltd of Taumaranui. It is operated by Fly My Sky which flys daily to Great Barrier Island. ZK-SFK is ex VH-CPG/OO-GVS (Belgium) and G-51-236.
Next is ZK-PIZ (c/n 2012) which is operated by Great Barrier Airlines but is owned by the Fly My Sky people, Commercial Helicopters Ltd of Taumaranui. It wa first registered in New Zealand on 5/12/95 and is ex N2132M/JA5261/N406JA and G-BEXB. It wears the old Mountain Air colours.
Next in line was ZK-PIY (c/n 344) in Fly My Sky colours, also owned by Commercial Helicopters Ltd of Taumaranui. This is ex JA5218/G-BBOY and was first registered in New Zealand on 12/11/96.
And the final North Islander parked up at Mangere was ZK-FVD (c/n 316) in the current Great Barrier Airlines colour scheme. This is owned by Great Barrier Airlines and was first registered on 5/12/89. It has had a long overseas history as it is ex G-BJWN/4X-AYL (Israel)/SX-BFG (Greece)/4X-AYL/SX-BFC/4X-AYL and G-BALO.
And finally a little sister of the North Islanders was parked up, in the form of Partenavia P 68B (c/n 086), first registered in New Zealand way back in 1/84 and owned by Great Barrier Airlines. It is ex A6-ALO (United Arab Emirates) and G-BEJX.

I can only conclude that there is an awful lot of flying going on between Auckland and Great Barrier Island!


  1. PIZ has nothing to do with Great Barrier Airlines - It only has Great Barrier still written on it because Fly My Sky once traded as "Great Barrrier Xpress" and this is the last one to re-painted as Fly My Sky.

  2. Thanks for that Anon. I did wonder about that as it was in the old Mountain Air scheme. Also I posted that there were 20 Islanders in New Zealand, but there are actually only 17, with the other 3 being Trislanders