Monday 24 February 2020

Wellington International Today 24-2-2020

You can't beat Wellington on a Good Day, and it was a pearler this morning as I waited for my flight to Auckland.  Here are few interesting movements over half an hour:

Originair are back flying again after Jetstar's exit from their regional routes.  ZK-JSH arrived on a scheduled flight from Nelson around 9 am.

Air New Zealand's fairly new ATR 72-600 ZK-MZA departed.

Bombardier CL-600 Challenger 604 VH-BLM arrived. This is owned by BC Aviation of Auckland and operated by BDC Aviation of Sydney.

And my Jetstar ride to Auckland, Airbus A 320 VH-VFO arrived.  It was late (which I have found is unusual for Jetstar), but the explanation was interesting - both the cabin manager and the pilot advised that the aircraft had been delayed by cleaning after arriving from Australia this morning.  VH-VFO is not configured for international flights as it does not have seat back in-flight entertainment screens, so I don't understand it flying across the Tasman (maybe it was a positioning flight?).

And when I was in the Jetstar lounge Air New Zealand's latest Airbus A 321 ZK-NNG taxied out on an internal flight.

It was a bit challenging getting photos through 2 walls of glass and dodging in between passing passengers!


  1. VH-VFO did Melbourne-Auckland in the early hours of this morning. Believe they still use them international even if they don't have Entertainment screens, as i'm pretty sure my flight in VH-VFD had no screens and it was Auckland-Melbourne...

  2. The entire Jetstar Airbus fleet do not have screens........ As they are a low cost carrier.