Friday 14 February 2020

Gone - ZK-OJK

I do not normally go out of my way to photograph an airliner but purely by chance on 6th February I snapped a shot of ZK-OJK at Christchurch minus all of its ANZ vinyls. (see bottom pic).

Within a couple of hours of this shot its ZK registration was cancelled and it became H4-SIB2 for Solomon Airlines.

It headed off the following day direct to Townsville for a repaint into its new operators livery. 

For a in depth look at the early interesting history of ZK-OJK check out the MRC bog  HERE

Looks like I did manage three photos of ZK-OJK.

Below on approach at Christchurch on 09-01-2003.

Outside hangar one at Christchurch on 14-09-2017.

AFAIK its last revenue flight was from Auckland to Christchurch on 25-11-2019.
With two test flights down south on 25-01-2020 and 28-01-2020.

And on cancellation day 07-02-2020.

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