Tuesday 11 February 2020

Lunch at Raglan Today 11-2-2020

I received an email from John Crone last night asking if I wanted to go flying down to Raglan today for lunch.  There is only one answer to this type of email!

So John picked me up this morning in his very impressive set of wheels and we headed down to North Shore, and pulled his nice Tecnam Sierra RG ZK-TZS out of its hangar and got ourselves ready go head off......

Take off from North Shore's Runway 21.

Cleared for transit through Whenuapai's airspace - that's Whenuapai in the middle distance.

Past the Manakau Heads again...

Port Waikato and the Waikato rivermouth.

Overhead rejoin at Raglan...

for an approach to Runway 23.

 Our Sierra RG under the trees at Raglan.

After a short time the Te Kowhai based Just Aircraft Highlander ZK-MCQ3 arrived, flown by Neil McHugh.

And a short while later, Iain Anderson arrived from North Shore to join us for lunch in his Tecnam Sierra Mk 2 ZK-EVE2.  It was a lovely day for the short walk to town, and the lunch was delicious!

Thanks for the day John - it was really great!

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