Sunday 16 February 2020

RAANZ Feilding (3)

Some further interesting aircraft were at the RAANZ flyin at Feilding over the weekend, and I post a few of them here:

Stan Hyde's lovely Porterfield 35-70 ZK-POR (c/n 137) was out flying with Ross Macdonald.  I think this is the first photo I have seen of it outside.  Thanks for the photo Ross.

The Hairy Mole Rat was also at Feilding and photo'd lots of the aircraft including this Aerospool Dynamic WT-9 ZK-DYR (c/n DY314/2009) was registered to the Brunold Family Trust of Winton on 7/5/19 and the registration was changed to ZK-DYR.  It was previously ZK-FUZ from 8/10/09 and ZK-DYK2 from 9/8/16.

And the nicely decorated Rans S 6S Coyote II ZK-JBK2 was also out flying.

Thanks for the photos HMR.

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