Sunday 16 February 2020

RAANZ Feilding (2)

Although I couldn't make it down to Feilding for the 2020 RAANZ flyin, I was interested to see the photos posted by others.  I am particularly interested in small single seat aircraft so here are a few of them from Feilding:

ZK-FSM (c/n 46JAF3) is a Hovey Delta Hawk that was built by a group of homebuilders at Feilding back in the 1980s led by Jim Fordyce (hence the c/n I guess), and it was first registered back in December 1988.  It is great to see that it is still going under the ownership of the Anderson/Coleman/Perry Syndicate of Palmerston North.  This aircraft is one of an identical pair that were built together, the other being ZK-FSN (c/n 46JAF4) which was cancelled as revoked in May 2016.  I must dig out my early photos of them.

The Rans S 9 Chaos ZK-KOS (c/n 0890094) was first registered in April 1993 and has been based at Feilding for many years.  It conformed to the microlight regulations of the time which only required the registration to be displayed under the wing.  It is now registered to P J Budding of Palmerston North.

I know that Trevor Day is a fan of very light single seat aircraft, and he has owned and flown his TEAM Hi Max ZK-WYZ (c/n 415/MAANZ/554) for many years out of Feilding.

Trevor has also recently purchased the Light Miniature LMA-1 Cub lookalike ZK-FWB (c/n 627-02-A/MAANZ/442) that has recently been returned to the register after being refurbished at Feilding.  (MAANZ was a predecessor of RAANZ and that can be a whole other history to post in the future).

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