Friday 14 February 2020

Squirrel ZK-HCZ

On 30th November 2016 I wrote this about the AS 350 BA Squirrel ZK-HNX3.
 "An unexpected find was the Aerospatiale AS 350 BA ZK-HNX3 (c/n 1828).
This was acquired by Helicopters (NZ) Ltd in 1999 from the Philippines (having originally been listed in Japan as JA9408 in 1985) and served in SE Asia as RP-C2777 coming to NZ in August 2010 for a rebuild. It was then shunted over to Australia to the HNZ subsidiary Helicopters (Australia) in February of 2011 to become VH-WKZ on 23-02-2011.
Photo above shows VH-WKZ at Perth International on 24-03-2011 thanks to Jet Photos and Brenden.
It returned to Nelson in January 2012 to become ZK-HNX3 again with Helicopters (NZ) Ltd  fom 24-01-2012 with a change in Company name to HNZ New Zealand Ltd in October of 2012."
Above is ZK-HNX3 at Nelson on 13-02-2015 with HNZ markings.

On the 21-11-2016 ownership was transferred to Kaikoura Helicopters Ltd.
And above we have ZK-HNX3 at Heli Maintenance Ltd at Christchurch on 30-11-2016 minus its HNZ vinyls.
I caught up with it again (above) at Heli Maintenance at Christchurch on 02-08-2019 with Kaikoura Helicopters script on its tail boom.

On 24-10-2019 ownership moved to the A A McFarlane Family Trust of Christchurch.
Followed by a change of registration marks to ZK-HCZ5 on 05-11-2019.

 It has since had a new instrument panel fitted and a cabin refurbishment plus a nose to tail overhaul.
 Above. Today it hopped from the Heli Maintenance facility about 50m to the Heli Centre refuelling pad.
And below - it then departed to the low flying area.

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