Wednesday 19 February 2020

Park overs at Christchurch

 There were four ATR's parked up outside at Christchurch today.
ZK-MCB above.
ZK-MCP below.

And ZK-MCU above.
ZK-MCY was parked around between other hangars.

Also lurking about were six Lockheed LC130's.
Below in the rear we see 76-3302 with National Science Foundation titles on its lower fuselage.
83-0490 in the front with New York Air Guard marks.
 Below is 92-1095.
Parked next to the ANZES hangar were 83-0491, 83-0492 and 92-1094.

We also had the two Boeings of Jacinda Airlines NZ7571 and NZ7572

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  1. i was amazed at mcb how they withdrew her removed her signage then pressed back into service foe a lenghty nice if air chatams aqiures a second atr time will tell