Saturday, 16 August 2014

Rangiora today 16-08-2014.

Bargeldo1 dropped into Rangiora (NZRT) today and has forwarded several photographs.
Three of which are below.
 Stew Bufton is seen here pottering around in his Zenair CH701 STOL ZK-LSB (c/n 6089). He has recently added the 28 inch main wheels - which oddly enough have added about five kts to his cruise speed. A large nose wheel is in the making but requires a new shorter nose leg. There is also a strut yet to be attached from the float mounts at the base of the firewall back to the undercarriage leg.
If you look closely at the wing tip you will see a small door which gives access to a handy storage area for longish items like fishing rods.
 Dave Tillman is seen above preparing his Schleicher ASW 26E ZK-GSL (c/n 26111) self launching glider for a post winter flight.
Above we have a view of Rangiora from a rather high final for vector 07.
If you look carefully you will see the Tecnam P92 Echo ZK-RGA on short final and the Corby Starlet ZK-MGM nearing the holding point for 07.
You can see the area of trees that have been recently dropped on the approach for vector 22. (the dark area beyond the hangars).

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  1. Excellent. Great Shots.

    701's need all the help they can get speed wise.