Thursday, 28 August 2014

Eagle Flight Training Diamond DA 20-C1 ZK-DAV at Ardmore 23-8-2014

Seeing Blue Bus's post including the Eagle Flying Training Diamond DA 40 ZK-DAE at Christchurch reminded me that I had taken a photo of their smaller DA 20 ZK-DAV at Ardmore last Saturday, so I will post it for a comparason between the DA 20 and the DA 40.

According to the CAA register we have 17 DA 20-C1s in New Zealand - all but three owned by CTC Aviation Training of Hamilton (with Eagle Flight Training owning two and Flight Training Manawatu of Feilding owning one).

And also according to the register we have 14 DA 40s in New Zealand - all but two owned by Massey University School of Aviation of Palmerston North (with Eagle Flight Training owning one and a private owner at Drury owning the other).

I didn't realise how many of these aircraft we had in New Zealand (and we also have 10 twin engined DA 42s).


  1. as a correction to this post Flight Training Manawatu also has a DA20-C1 ZK-FIY

  2. My apologies - you are correct. I will amend the post.

  3. Hi Keith .how many other aircraft have worn ZK DAV marks.

  4. The Diamond DA 20-C1 ZK-DAV is the thirs ZK-DAV. The others were a Cessna A152K which was registered in February 1971 and was cancelled in March 1974, and the second was a Quicksilver MXL II that was registered in December 2002 and was cancelled in August 2009.