Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Selection from Ardmore 23-8-2014 (1)

All the elements aligned for me today to visit Ardmore on a lovely day.. The only problem was that with the blanket Ardmore blog coverage recently I had to make it home quickly to the North Shore before someone else posted it!  (Actually I really do appreciate the more frequent posts from Ardmore recently).  My cause was not helped by an "Incident on the Motorway After Gillies Ave Blocking Lanes" which caused my trip back to the North Shore to take nearly 2 hours! (Actually I really do NOT appreciate Auckland traffic!).

I did find some pretty interesting aircraft to post, but I will post these 3 sort-of locals as a starter.

Cessna 182T ZK-SAR of the Coastguard Northern Region in a nice pose in the sun, about to commit aviation.

Maule M5-210C Strata Rocket ZK-SLS which is registered to an Auckland address, obviously with a new cowling.

And Southern Wings' Piper PA 34-200T Seneca ZK-MIE is now based at Ardmore for their recently commenced flying training (I assume).

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