Thursday, 14 August 2014

More photographs from Caribou's Dad

Here have three more pics from Caribou's Dad.
The De Havilland DH60G ZK-ADT (c/n 1101) gained its UK CofA as G-AAJO on 05-06-1929.
I have no intention of trying to convey the full history of this aircraft - but here are a few points.
I believe the first owner was the Honourable Loel Guinness followed by F G Fairburn and then the Hon Mrs Venetia Montagu and was used for a tour of China in 1932.
It was sold to Flying Officer Stanley Gordon White on 27-08-1935 and was flown out to Australia, leaving England on 18-09-1934. It was shipped across the Tasman Sea to reach NZ on 12-11-1934.
It was issued with a NZ CofA on 08-12-1934 and was registered on 06-02-1935.
Its middle life is somewhat vague to me.
It did not get impressed into the RNZAF during WWII.
I believe it was stored for a short period before going to Airwork at Rongotai on 03-12-1940, being registered to them on 06-01-1941.
It was damaged at Blenheim during starting on 16-06-1941 and was sent to Milson for repairs by Union Airways.
Ownership passed to Union Airways on 01-12-1942 and it was named "Huia".
In Caribou Dad's pic below - is that some other wording on the cowling between and forward of the two intakes ?
The pic below is by Jim Dyson from the David Molesworth collection & Ed Coates.
Photo below is from an unknown source; but was taken between 1947 and 1953.
It was transferred to NZ National Airways Corporation on 01-04-1947 and then to a list of private owners including A B Baker; A W Alexander and T H Hall; D Matches; A J M Buttolph; A W Alexander; G K Reader and then H L Middleton on 09-08-1972.
The NZ Aviation News Magazine did an article on it a couple of years ago.
Ownership passed to Jan Chisum (Nee White) and Jerry Chisum of Hastings on 02-07-2012.
Above - As she was at Omaka on 17-02-2014.
 Below is what appears to be the Douglas C47A-30-DK NZ3524 c/n 13931/25377. It was taken on charge by the RNZAF on 12-08-1944 and went to 40 Squadron.
 It was struck off charge at Woodbourne in May of 1948 and reduced to spares; being sold by tender  and broken up by Airwork (NZ) Ltd with the fuselage sold on to Metal Smelters Ltd.
 Below is a nice view - climbing out over Wellington. I assume that is Evans Bay before the reclaim.

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  1. Your comment on the DC3 reminded me that when i was a lot younger, possibly during the mid to late '60s there were a collection of aircraft being broken up in the Rapaura area, near Woodbourne. We had a property fronting Rapaura Rd and could watch the SAFE AIR bristols on downwind for Woodbourne. These aircraft were on an orchard behind our property. Any chance that you may be able to source some information on the types and number? Thanks.