Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Different V 12 Aero Engine at Ardmore 23-8-2014

Back home after 90 minutes of watching rugby at a friend's place, and for any Australian readers of this blog, my commiserations (yeah right!).  But back to Ardmore....

I was drawn to the Avspecs hangar by the sight of a gleaming V 12 aero engine.  It was the Falconer V 12 of Thunder Mustang ZK-TMG.  The Falconer V 12 is an all aluminium 90 degree V 12 engine that is manufactured by Ryan Falconer Racing Engines of Chino Valley, Arizona, The engine was designed in 1990 as a thoroughbred racing engine for marine and aviation use and the engines are also installed in street rods and racing cars.  I understand the engine is of 601 cubic inches (9.8 litres) displacement and produces 640 HP at 4,500 rpm.  It is an impressive engine!

I have photo'd other V 12 engines at Avspecs:  the Packard built Rolls Royce Merlin of P 51 Mustang ZK-TAF at   and the Rolls Royce Griffon of Spitfire XIV ZK-XIV at 

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