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The Piper PA-32S-300C Cherokee Six ZK-DOJ (c/n 32S-40638)
was lost in an accident on Tuesday near the Poolburn Reservoir which claimed the life of the pilot and left the two passengers with serious injuries.
Here we take a brief look at this aircraft history.
The letter "S" following the PA-32 designation denotes "seaplane" which means it was factory zinc chromate treated, had stainless steel control cables, and strengthening to the fuselage where the floats attach.
Near as I can tell this was a 1969/70 model year machine and the 639th Cherokee 300 built.
It was built as N4252R and was operated by Crow Inc out of Swanton Ohio, followed by South Sea Airways at Pago Pago where it was operated as a float plane.
It arrived in Auckland in early June of 1973 and received some attention from Air New Zealand and some more from Airwork to be registered as ZK-DOJ on 04-07-1973 to the Kaitaia Aero Club
It is seen below as N4252R at Auckland International Airport on 11-6-1973.
Know owner/operators include Allied Finance and Investments from October 1975 and a brief stint with Dennis Thompson International before going online with the North Shore Aero Club Inc at Dairy Flat from 31-03-1976.
Next in line was Dalhoff and King Aviation from 10-05-1978 - which lead to Motor Holdings (Aviation) Ltd from 27-05-1992.
It is seen below at Ardmore on 04-09-1979.
Christies Home Appliance Repairs Ltd of Whangarei feature from 16-07-1982; then Airwork (NZ) Ltd of Ardmore from 17-08-1984; followed by a move to Palmerston North for N A Mathieson from 01-12-1987 and then to United Aviation at Palmerston North from 19-08-1988.
A couple of incidents occurred in the 90's. It was damaged near Cape Palliser on 24-02-1991 followed by an engine failure near Palmerston North on 24-06-1992.
Following repairs it moved down to Hokitika for Westair Flying Ltd from 18-06-1993.
It is seen below at Franz Josef on 30-03-1994.
Title transferred to Westair Ltd of Franz Josef from 27-01-1995 and then to Westair Properties of Dunedin from 01-04-1996; followed by Glenorchy Air Services and Tourist Co Ltd of Queenstown from 31-05-1996.
It is seen above at Milford Sound on12-10-2000.
And below (with three bladed propeller) at Milford on 22-12-2011. Photo by Henry M.

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