Sunday, 24 August 2014

Tecnam Selection at Ardmore 23-8-2014

A good selection of Tecnams was in evidence at Ardmore yesterday, as I post below:

Another photo of Astore ZK-AST, which Giovanni Nustrini kindly pulled out of the hangar for me.  I got him to seat the canopy down to show its very smooth lines.  It was first registered on 5/8/14.

Tecnam P 92 Echo Classic ZK-LRA (c/n 1489) was registered to Russell Ainsworth of Christchurch on 6/8/14.  Watch out for this one on your patch Blue Bus.

Tecnam P 2006T ZK-TWN is still at Ardmore following its change of ownership to Ardmore Aviation Services Ltd of Hong Kong on 9/7/13.  It still has the stylised Mount Maunganui on the tail.