Monday, 4 August 2014

Introduction to Homebuilt Aircraft Construction Course.

I was privileged to be able to attend the above mentioned course as organised by the Sport Aircraft Association of NZ at Omaka during the weekend.

Below is an extract from the pre course blurb:-
This is an intensive course covering all the useful things to get you enthused and ready to cut metal or wood.
It covers factors to consider when starting a project, aviation best practice, hardware conventions, what you are allowed to do, setting up your workshop, documentation and dealing with CAA.
In addition specialist workshop session with experienced builders will introduce you to the fundamental techniques of the main construction methods.
This is strongly practical and will use some of the great projects underway at Omaka as examples.
 A couple of pics :- above is an example of wood construction - in this case it is the wing rib leading edge portion from the Comper Swift VH-UVC rebuild being undertaken at JEM Aviation.
Below some of the tools used during the riveting demonstration by Rex.
I found this course to be a great help for somebody (like myself) that has not yet committed to a specific project as we looked at examples of wooden, tube (rag covered) and metal construction. (alas no glass)
Thanks to Bruce Cooke and Rex Newman for their time and efforts.

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  1. With the help of the hardware tools you can create different kinds of things. Your post is one of the samples. And also your blog is one of the ways to learn about the things we didn’t know. Thanks to you.