Sunday, 24 August 2014

More pics from Matt. From Yesterday 23-08-2014

 Sitting on the deck at Hokitika we see the Raytheon 1900D ZK-EAJ (c/n UE-433) of Eagle Airways.
 Two shots of the PAC Cresco 08-750 ZK-LTB (c/n 022) earning it keep. It has been pretty busy  the last few days. It is captured here to the West of Springfield (Inland Canterbury). In its youth this was better known as ZK-PKB.
 Catch for the day would be the R and B Bearhawk ZK-NJB (c/n 125-237/238-1242) of Jonathan Battson.
This is Lycoming IO-540 powered and is seen here at Flock Hill (Near Lake Pearson). 
All  photographs from Matt Hayes.

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