Sunday 30 March 2014

ZK-EZI at North Shore.

The Piper PA-22-135 TriPacer c/n 22-812 entered the NZ Civil Aircraft Register as ZK-EZI2 on 29-10-2013 with Chris Batten of Silverdale.
This TriPacer joined the US register as N2473A way back on 24-02-1956. Alas its early history eludes me. The first known owner (to me) was Carol A Scanlon of Wilmington, Delaware from May of 1996 followed by Belinda D Wildman of Temecula (about half way between San Diego and LA) from 03-06-2006.
The nice pic above was taken at Cable Airport on 08-03-2009 by Helicopterfriend courtesy of Airport-Data.Com
The three views below have been kindly supplied by Sir Minty and show this aircraft at North Shore. Firstly still marked as N2473A in Stan Smiths hangar on 13-02-2014.
Pic below - coming together and now marked as ZK-EZI on 13-03-2014.
Final view has it parked outside on 29-03-2014.
There must be a story about the bear and parachute on the fin !
The earlier ZK-EZI was a Piper PA-38-112 which became ZK-EYF2 on 09-06-2008 and is still active with the Canterbury Aero Club.
 Above is ZK-EZI at NZCH on 05-07-2006.
Below as ZK-EYF2 at NZCH on 19-08-2008.

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