Monday 17 March 2014

Some belated Wanaka photos from Mr and Mrs CMM.

Mr and Mrs CMM passed through Wanaka on March the 7th and sent me in a bunch of photos.
Here is a selection. Somewhat belated but still of interest.
 Cessna 180C ZK-BYI (c/n 50909)  has been around since 1960 in some shape, form or other.
It has been listed to the Papa Juliet Trust of Queenstown since March 2005.
 Southern Lakes Learn to Fly Ltd (Ivan Krippner) has four aircraft on line at Wanaka. This is Cessna 172M ZK-DHV (c/n 61063) - originally a New Plymouth Aero Club aircraft from 1973.
Another of Ivan's aircraft is the Pitts S-2B ZK-STX (c/n 5090). Imported from the States in 1996 and initially registered as ZK-KHM for Keith Mitchell. Re-registered to ZK-STX on 22-01-2010.
Robinson R22 Beta II ZK-HLC4 (c/n 3994) is one from the Wanaka Helicopters Ltd's fleet
 Aerospatiale AS 350B2 ZK-HOT5 (c/n 2653) started its NZ career as ZK-HTB4 in January 2012 with the Alpine Deer Group; it was re-registered at ZK-HOT on 28-02-2012.
 Down from the Dingleburn Station was Guy Mead Maule M-5-180C ZK-JVR (c/n 8028C). This one flew in from Oz on 03-09-1995.
 Bruce and Peter Clulow imported this Cub Crafters CC11-160 and initially listed it as ZK-BPC2 (c/n CC11-00194) on 10-02-2012. But on 05-12-2012 their initials were turned around and it was re-registered as ZK-PBC. This was done to free up the ZK-BPC registration so it could be used on the original Piper PA-18 c/n 18-6171 when it returns to the skies in the future. It was damaged at Paraparaumu on 12-04-1998.
 Pacific Aerospace Ltd registered this 750XL as ZK-KBB (c/n 167) on 02-06-2010; re-registered it as ZK-RQK on 09-06-2010; and then sold it to Skydive Lake Wanaka Ltd on 18-10-2010. A couple of months later (21-12-2010) it was re-re-registered as ZK-ROK3. The Company was re-named Skydive Wanaka Ltd on 31-07-2013. 
 "Red 64" is Aero L-29 Delfin ZK-SSU (c/n 395100) and is part of the Soviet Star fleet and normally found at Christchurch.

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