Sunday 16 March 2014

The two ZK-PLC's

 The two Ibis Magic GS-700 - ZK-PLC's
 Check out these three sights below to get up to speed on these aircraft :-
On Friday at Rangiora the first ZK-PLC (c/n GS-05-08-700-68) [on the left] was having its new ZK-KAC markings applied and ZK-PLC2 (c/n GS-10-11-700-115) [on the right] was already marked up as such.
ZK-KAC is likely to be delivered to its new owners at Motueka about next Thursday.
ZK-PLC2 has a different shaped and forward opening door, and reshaped side and rear windows.
 It also has different shaped wings, a glass cockpit, electric trims, plus the Rotax 912iS engine.

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