Saturday 29 March 2014

Mixed squadron southbound.

Thanks to Russell Brodie of Rangitata Island Airfield we get a preview of what is Wanaka bound for Easter.
These WW1 aircraft arrived for lunch yesterday (Friday 28-03-2014)
(I spied them earlier airborne near Waipara)
Above is the Hampshire Aeroplane (now PPS) Pfalz DIII Replica ZK-FLZ2 (c/n PPS/Pfalz-1) It was built in the UK back in the mid 1960's for the movie "Blue Max".
It went to the USA in the 1980's and came to NZ to become ZK-FLZ with the Omaka Collection Ltd on 05-01-2007 and transferred to The Vintage Aviator on 01-07-2007.
The Replica Fokker DVII ZK-FOD2 (c/n 01) as also built for the "movies" and ended up in the States in the early 1990's.
It joined the Omaka Collection Ltd as ZK-FOD on 21-12-2006 with a move over to The Vintage Aviator Ltd on 01-07-2007.
Below we have the Bristol Fighter F2B Replica ZK-JNU (c/n ERS 2). Ed Storo built this in the US in the early 1990's before arriving in NZ to be listed with Peter Robert Jackson  of Wellington on 08-05-2002.
Title moved to the Omaka Collection Ltd on 24-11-2006 and to The Vintage  Aviator on 01-07-2007

The Fokker Triplane Replica Scout DR1 ZK-JOG (c/n 1823) was listed to the Omaka Collection on 05-11-2002 having been sourced from the USA. It is also now with the Vintage Aviator Ltd.
"A9242" is ZK-JOQ2 (c/n A9507) the De Havilland DH5.
This one came from the Ryders Repilca Fighter Museum in Alabama and was listed to the Omaka Collection Ltd on 06-09-2004; and to The Vintage Aviator Ltd on 01-07-2007.
The "Black Maria" is the Chad Willie Sopwith Triplane Replica ZK-SOP (c/n 533) which was started by Chad Willie in the States until purchased by the 1914-18 Aviation Trust. The wings and completion was done by The Vintage Aviator Ltd and it was registered here on 14-12-2007.
Above we have a rear view of the Fokker Triplane ZK-JOG and the Sopwith Triplane ZK-SOP, with the Bristol Fighter beyond.

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